Leviathan’s Dream [study in wax paper and AiDa]
Keir Williams 2022 (after Alice Helps)

The Gallery Life Project, Tate Britian 2014
photo credit: sam robinson/ touretteshero 2014

is a multi-award-winning participatory educator, designer and creative technologist. His work focuses on the role and design of digital technologies as tools to support advocacy, play and education. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Design Innovation at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol. You can explore Keir’s work as a participatory educator, researcher and creative technologist using the sections below.

My teaching grounds contemporary theory in human-centred research and design methods. I take a participatory approach to education that recognises students’ experience and knowledge as equally important to my own. I use my extensive professional and academic networks to bring people and institutions that offer students new spaces for learning outside the university.

I work with underrepresented groups to collectively take on practical and effective roles in society through design-led research. I embed myself within organisations and groups of participants to develop long-term relationships. Together we explore the complex structural issues of the context in which any design or creative interventions we produce together will be situated. I have disseminated my research through a diverse range of international academic, civic, and commercial venues.

My creative practice focuses on performance, inclusion, and play. I work across digital production, print-making, coding, and experience design. I have extensive experience in digital media production and fabrication with an MA in Fine Art and MSc in Media Arts Technologies. I have produced creative and commercial projects for a diverse range of cultural and commercial institutions.