Rhiannon Evans, Joe Fairweather-Hole, Dr Alice Helps, Dr Dave Meckin, Dr Keir Williams & Clara Duran

Live Art Digital / Artist Developers

The Live Digital Design collective through a series of collaborations between the principal artists; Joe Fairweather-Hole, Dave Meckin, Keir Williams, Clara Duran, Alice Helps and Rhiannon Evans. As a collective, we are interested in the intersection of performance and technology and more specifically the staging of the performance. As practitioners, we have a range of skills as scenographers, academic researchers, curators, and performers. What we offer is the ability to create engaging staged settings within which audiences and artists work and experiment together.

Underpinning our approach is a philosophy that recognises the potential for art and artists to make and take on practical and effective roles in wider society and culture. We achieve this through experimentation and an exploration of the worlds we place ourselves within.

Leviathan is a series of participatory, site specific residencies and performances. The work has been developed by a Live Digital Design, a collective of scenograhers, creative technologists, researchers and fine artists.

Leviathan began as a residency in the Arctic Loforton Islands for the Nordland Academy of Arts and Norweigan Industrial Fishing Museum and has included an abandoned post- office vault, a wall memorial, Refugee Centre in the Arctic, Science museums, Digital, Queer Live Art festivals and a concert hall inside a gigantic disused fish oil tank.

Each iteration of the project responds to the physical, social and political context in which it is located by working with local communities both human and non-human. Below are the six current iterations of the project


2015 | Leviathan’s Electrolarynx

Venue: Oxford Story Museum

Commission: Audiograft Festival

2016 | Neptun Art/ Science Lab

Nordland Akademi // Neptun’s Hall, Arctic

2016 | Leviathan: The Deep

Nordland Akademi // Neptun’s Hall, Arctic

2017 | Leviathan: The Wave

Oxford Light Festival // Oxford War Memorial

2019 | Leviathan’s Light

Everlang Festival // Nordland, Arctic

2019 | Leviathan’s Temple

We The Curious // Submerge Festival