Leviathan // Electrolarynx

Oxford Story Museum/Oxford Contemporary Music Commission | Audiograft Festival

A whale’s voice box; activated when gently touched by the viewer creat-ing a unique whale song. Leviathan’s Electrolarynx is an interactive multimedia sculptural installation. Sound resonates through the physical elements of the installation, making the space itself a speaker or the inside of a whale.

In 2015, I worked in collaboration with scenographer Joe Fair-Weather Hole and musician and composer Charlie Henry to developed this interactive, narrative installation. The work was installed in an old post-office vault in the Oxford Story Musuem for two weeks as part of the Audiograft Festival. In addition we worked with support from Kumpa Clodahus and Kalle Jokinen on the technology development for the work.

Whale Song – [8-channel downmix to stereo] 3:49 | Charlie Henry 2015

The Leviathan’s Electrolarynx: activated when gently touched, a generative sound and light scape is created. Sound resinates through the physical structure of the sculpture and walls of the vault itself. This narrative of a lightly slumbering Leviathan formed the structure for our later creative-led research in the Norwegian Arctic.