Flexible Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In 2018 I was commissioned to develop an inclusive and flexible degree program for applicants with ‘non- traditional’ educational backgrounds by the {CFIE} and {UoB} Temple Quarter Inclusion committee. The degree is a ‘flexible pathway’ programme and is currently under review by the faculty and university education boards with the aim to recruit for September 2023. The applicants for our program will not require formal qualifications (non-UCAS entry) for entry to the program and it has been designed to be completed around the work and other life commitments of our students. The aims of the programme are to,’enrich the university and wider region by drawing on the diversity of thought and experience of people who typically wouldn’t access Bristol University.’

As the principal lead on the project I have commissioned and conducted participatory research with community partners and experts in Bristol to understand what a flexible degree program would look like for the people and communities who we hope would benefit from the program. Based on this and our on going participatory research I have developed a pedagogical structure for the program that is flexible, inclusive and able to fit with the structures and restraints of the University of Bristol. This has also required extensive networking, project management, writing proposals for funding and new structures for delivering degrees at the school, faculty and university executive levels.