For this neurodiverse, superhero takeover of Tate Britain, working as performance power couple chris+keir, we created a research hub for 500 kids with Tourettes and associated conditions using neon, stickers, priceless art, cameras, lab coats, comedy glasses and W. Whytes ‘the social life of small urban spaces.

chris+keir were commissioned by TATE Britain and touretteshero to create performance based intervention for groups of young people with tourettes and associated conditions as part of We Forgot the Lot. In 2014 Tate Britain opened its newly renovated galleries and learning spaces to the public. 

We forgot the lot! invited children and young people with and without Tourettes to reinvent, transform and claim the new displays of 500 years of British art at Tate Britain. chris+keir asked our young researchers to investigate the following three questions:

What makes a successful gallery space for sleeping? How many people can you fit in a gallery doorway? How, where and what can you stare at in a gallery?

We sent out our uniformed researchers into the galleries of TATE Britain armed with cameras and a burning sense of fun, mischief and research fervour. Throughout the day we added images and tweets to a custom-built motion graphic display allowing us to iteratively show the 500+ images that the young people took throughout the day.