Multimedia Technology BSc, Oman

I designed the Multimedia Technology BSc (Hons) program for the global College of Engineering and Technology, Oman. I successfully submitted the academic and business cases for the programme and the Multimedia Technology BSc (Hons) has been running successfully since 2018.

After the successful redesign of the University of the West of England, and SHAPE programs I was asked by UWE to write the Multimedia Technology BSc for our Academic partner the Global College of Engineering and Technology, Oman. The Multimedia Technology BSc programme is accredited by UWE. I developed the program in collaboration with my Oman colleagues. I used the Digital Media BSc program structure I as the basis for the new program.  My experience in negotiating the development of the Digital Media BSc with SHAPE, Hong Kong enabled me to develop a program that fir the specific needs and cultural context of the students, and faculty in Oman.