Romantic Detachment – Grizedale Arts 2004/05

In 2004 the video and performance-based installation I developed, ‘Ye Olde School’ at the PS1 residency, was then commissioned for a week-long residency at the Chapter Arts gallery in Cardiff, the UK, in collaboration with artists fellow graduates Joe Steele & Claire Shallcross. In addition, in 2004, I worked as a technician to install Grizedale Arts ‘The Office of Useful Art’. For the opening night and week-long show, I performed in the gallery cutting terrible copies of visitors’ keys for the  ‘Heel Bar’ installation. I nearly took out the Ikon’s director eye with a badly used key-cutter on the opening night.

//venues: PS1 MoMA, NY, Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Ikon Gallery, B’Ham // funders: Henry Moore Foundation, MoMA // artists included Olivia Plender, Jeremy Deller and Alan Kane, Garrett Phelan, Sarah Pierce, David Blandy, S Mark Gubb, Emily Wardill, William Pope L.